Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter First Impressions!

Every one LOVES highlighters! especially Kylie Jenner , The new cosmetics queen just released the NEW KYLIGHTERS ✨ I purchased salted caramel and strawberry shortcake! Here are my first impressions

This formula is amazing! And Very build-able it’s very soft to the touch and has a really nice supple texture

So this is where it gets good !

I have heard so many mixed reviews and I have gotten so many questions in regards to the pigmentation I have heard there is no pigment which is not true as you can see below ( flash photography)

Photo by @rosieposiebeauty via Instagram

This is what they look like with out building the highlighter up OR using a brush and spray setting spray ..
This is a VERY NATURAL LOOKING  highlighter that looks amazing on the skin and gives a gorgeous glow✨
Here on this photo this Is what it looks like     ( flash photography) using a brush and setting spray this intensifies the highlighter and makes it pop a lot more !

SALTED CARAMEL photo via my Instagram @spottedstyleblog


The highlighter it’s self is made perfectly so that people can either use this for a neutral setting or a Glam setting which is something that really has a lot of versatility to it! the shade choices are amazing and they have fun names 🙂
I love the cute drip imprint however, the package itself should have more of a different look instead on a plain baby pink or brown box

Overall first impression
The kylighters are perfect! I would recommend them to anyone who wants an affordable highlighter $22 each and has a lot of versatility which leaves a beautiful blinding glow! I want to let you know  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these highlighters it all depends on how you use them  let me know what you think below !!:)





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